Crystal Ballroom Wedding Photography | Houston, TX – Mona & Ty

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Photography in Houston, TX with Mona & Ty

Mona & Ty had their wedding and reception at the Crystal Ballroom in the Rice hotel in downtown Houston, TX. It was raining on and off all day so the weather was not ideal for most people. We didn’t let a little drizzle slow us down though! Mona was the ideal bride in this situation! She wasn’t going to let a little bit of water stop her from getting amazing wedding photos and I am so happy she was willing to get out in the drizzle! I think the wet streets actually enhanced the photos. Enjoy my favorite photos from the wedding!

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Crystal Ballroom Wedding Photography in Houston, TX with Mona & Ty

To the other vendors who helped out with this great wedding in Houston Texas: Feel free to share this blog post as well as use the wedding photos from this page. The photos all contain watermarks so use as you wish. Photo credit (Matt Montalvo Photography) is always appreciated and you can link the photos back to   If you need more particular photos not posted here feel free to contact me through my site. Cheers!

Here is some info from the venue’s website:

“The Crystal Ballroom is a 1913 historic ballroom located in the heart of downtown Houston’s Rice Hotel. Originally the capitol of the Republic of Texas, this is one of Houston’s most unique and historic landmarks.

The Crystal Ballroom is resplendent with crystal chandeliers, heroic murals, 35-foot ceilings and a full wraparound terrace. The 5,600 square foot event space and the adjunct 1,400 square foot parlor provide an ample space for up to 400 guests for a seated meal, with a dance floor. Sambuca, one of Houston’s most exclusive caterers, provides food and beverage service.”

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Photography in Houston, TX with Mona & Ty


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